AWS Certified Solutions Architect with 6+ years of experience in creating scalable web applications as a Full Stack Engineer. Specializes in Amazon Web Services, Python, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML and CSS. Driven professional with broad technical skill-set, very strong attention to detail, and over 6 years of experience in full stack web development. Able to multitask and juggle multiple pressing projects simultaneously. On top of the latest trends and technologies. Ability to improvise, troubleshoot, take ownership, and learn new skills on the job.

  • Certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Go, Java
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Aurora, Redshift
  • API Integrations: Stripe, Shopify, PayPal, Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, Acoustic Campaign
  • Technologies: Amazon Web Services, Serverless, Terraform, Sass, jQuery, XML, SEO, SSH, database management, CMS integration
  • JavaScript Frameworks: Vue.js, React
  • PHP Frameworks: Laravel, Lumen, Kohana
  • Development Tools: Docker, GitHub, PHPStorm, VSCode, Eclipse, SublimeText, Xdebug, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation
  • Ecommerce Platforms: Magento, Shopify, Zen Cart
  • Content Management Systems: WordPress, Drupal
  • Application Software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Operating Systems: Linux, MacOS, Windows

CrisisTextLine Seattle, WA

Senior Software EngineerSeptember 2020 – Present (Full Time)

DataQ, LLC San Diego, CA

Senior Software EngineerFebruary 2018 – September 2020

Primary responsibilities include full stack development, design and build scalable microservices in a serverless environment, server and database management, and setting up and managing CI/CD pipelines for code deployments into production environments.

Technologies/Skills: AWS, Python, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Serverless, Microservices, JavaScript, VueJS, Terraform, Docker

Katana Media, LLC San Diego, CA

Senior Software EngineerAugust 2017 – December 2018 (Full Time)

Main responsibilities include overseeing the web development team, full stack development and server architecture. Primarily working with both Laravel and Lumen creating web applications and microservice APIs. Each project is built utilizing AWS’ cloud platform for code deployment, server management and database management.

Web Development ManagerMarch 2015 – August 2017 (Full Time)

I started out as a web developer and shortly after my first year I was promoted to manager for the web development team. Responsibilities included interviewing and hiring development team members, leading the web development team, full stack development, and server management. Developed custom CMS managed websites, custom Magento 1 extensions and an online video/audio learning course.

Geary LSF Digital Marketing Group San Diego, CA

Web DeveloperMay 2013 – February 2015 (Full Time)

Responsibilities included server management and code deployment for client websites. Primarily working with Magento, Kohana and Wordpress developing custom themes, templates, extensions and plugins.

CollisionSync, LLC San Diego, CA

Software DeveloperFebruary 2012 – May 2013 (Full Time)

Responsibilities included server management and deployment of multiple Magento 1 clients. Primarily working with the Magento platform developing themes, templates and custom extensions. Design and develop of in-house web and data tools to ease and automate workflow.

Headroom Studios, Inc. Roseville, CA

Remote Web DeveloperMarch 2009 - December 2011 (Part Time)

Primarily focused on frontend development building out web pages and layouts from raw template files. Performed maintenance and updates for multiple client websites. Assisted with development of Adobe flash projects.

Business & Technology Center Management, LLC Lahaina, HI

Customer Service RepresentativeDecember 2009 - June 2011 (Part Time)

Setup large hotel convention groups with networking and equipment rentals. Provide and assist convention groups, hotel staff and hotel guests with FedEx and UPS shipping/delivery solutions. Maintain small network of public accessible internet workstations.

Modis, Inc. Multiple Locations, HI

Lead TechnicianJuly 2009 - August 2009 (Contract)

Upgraded multiple servers at Home Depot locations around Hawaii. Installed a new server hardware and 2 RAID drives at each location. Made own booking, planning, and arrangements for travel to neighboring islands. Locations Installed: Kahului (Maui), Kona (Big Island), Hilo (Big Island) and Lihue (Kauai).

University of Hawaii Maui College Kahului, HI

IT SpecialistApril 2008 - February 2009 (Part Time)

Assist students, faculty and staff with electronics, computer and network related problems. Diagnose and repair software and hardware problems on various platforms while maintaining a net workplace. Perform system upgrades and maintain the ECET (Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology) laboratory in an organized manner with complete documentation. Prepare invoices and order various parts and supplies required by students and staff.

NexLevel Computers and Consulting, Inc. Lahaina, HI

Computer TechnicianMay 2006 - September 2007 (Part Time)

Perform computer hardware and software upgrades. Diagnose and repair software, hardware, and network related problems. Maintain small network of publicly accessed computers. Setup and connect customers to wireless internet services.

University of Hawaii Maui College Kahului, HI

Electronics & Computer; Engineering Technology

"Kristopher makes a great addition to any development team. During the time we worked together, I felt confident that whatever task was assigned to him would be completely fully and on time. He is able to figure out solutions to problems on his own but is not afraid to ask questions for clarification on issues to prevent wasting time on dead ends. I would recommend him to any open development position."

Marshall Thornton - Lead Developer at Geary LSF Digital Marketing Group

"Kris and I worked together at CollisionSync on many different eCommerce projects. Kris was great at taking little direction and turning it into great work. He was also able to figure out many of the different subtleties that came with the ecommerce platform that we were using at the time. He has grown as a person and as a developer in the time that I have known him and would be a great asset to any team."

Russell Alton - Chief Technology Officer at CollisionSync, LLC